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                  SM3021 Backing production line Modular lean production line

                  Suitable for sole and vamp of different materials



                  Product details

                  SM3021 Backing production line Modular lean production line of shoe factory Infrared production line




                  1. The two-layer design can separately control the temperature of the last and outsole. And there be increase bond strengths by up to 30%;

                  2. Using near-infrared light resonates the molecular of glue to accelerate drying the glue;

                  3. The new temperature control, adopting composite reflective insulation board, significant saves in energy consumption. Compare to general hot air circulation drying tunnel, the energy can be saved for 30-50%;

                  4. Unique air exhaust device which completes exhausting the steam and vapour from the heating oven;

                  5. Design of kinesics can economize manpower and increase output;

                  6. According to requirements, the SM3021 can be ordered in two or three section models; Drying capabilities can also be enhanced should the machine be used for drying solvent-based or water-based attaching adhesives;

                  7. There are three types of conveyor available;

                  8. The length can be designed as your requirement. (Add few heaters to the picture)

                  9. Different drying channel configurations are available;


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