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                  SM3011B production line Infrared production line Modular lea

                  This machine adopts PVC belt or mesh belt flat belt (optional) as conveyor belt frequency converter speed regulation speed can be adjusted to meet the needs of production and operation; The closed drying channel is lined with stainless steel plate which is corrosion resistant; The closed heating system can be heated by near-infrared oven which has good thermal insulation performance and saves electricity; The special closed exhaust device can eliminate the waste gas and glue smell avoid the waste gas polluting the working environment and meet the requirements of environmental protection.



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                  SM3011B production line Infrared production line Modular lean production line of shoe factory




                  1. The conveyor with belt, PVC or flat tape, adopts bunched which it adjust speed at will;

                  2. The closed heating rubber machine with stainless iron branch, endures rot. The heating system is closed; The capability of heat preservation is good, the power could be saved; (The drying tunnel is provided with two heating modes such as near infrared and electric heating.)

                  3. Unique air exhaust device which completes exhausting the steam and vapour form the heating oven, To avoid the emission pollution for the working environment. It could be made a safe environment.


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