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                  SM1060 Side hot melt adhesive dryer Shoemaking equipment A c

                  The effect is significantly improved by heating up and down at the same time; Built in 3M strong hot air drying channel make hot melt adhesive uniform and fast softening; The stainless steel flat conveyor belt is durable and easy to clean; The temperature in the drying channel is uniform and constant by using special blades; Simple operation and low maintenance cost.



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                  SM1060 Side hot melt adhesive dryer Shoemaking equipment A complete set of shoemaking line products




                  1 . Upper and lower heating is carried out simultaneously with prominently enhanced effect.

                  2 . The built-in 3m powerful hot air drying channel makes the hot melt adhesive evenly spread for fast softening.

                  3. It adopts the stainless steel flat plate conveyor belt, which is durable and easy to clean.

                  4. The special fan is adopted to make the temperature inside the drying channel even and constant.

                  5. Simple operation and low maintenance cost.


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